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This frog is getting brave.....I can get close to him and it doesn't seem to matter.  That is if I talk before I get to him so it doesn't frighten him.  He likes to hid behind my Rain Lily.  Maybe he just likes his picture taken hehe. I sure do alot of that.  Now there are other frogs camping out in my pond also, but mostly small ones...the tadpoles from early spring.  They aren't as friendly as MR. BIG FROG.  Whenever I try and get close to snap a picture they jump right into the pond.  This is the closest shot I could get....took one more step and he was gone.

PLOP right into the pond.  I think I saw Mr. Big Frog just shake his head....

Since we're starting to get our ponds ready for the winter now is also a good time to create a place for those frogs we've watch grow from tadpoles this summer.  You may want to put a tray, such as a kitty litter tray in the bottom of your pond with sand in it.  This will give the frogs a place to bury themselves over the winter.  Sometimes if you have a filter box or skimmer they may camp out there so be sure that your pump intake is protected so they don't get stuck in it.  I've opened my skimmer early spring and had them jump out.  If you have muck in the bottom of your pond they will also bury themselves in there.  Its nature so frogs will find a way to survive over the winter.