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Variegated Water Celery, (Oenanthe javanica 'flamingo') is a great plant for along edges of your water feature, draping down a waterfalls or planted in a stream bed.  You can also contain it in a bio-filter or upper pond and then it will grow to trail over your falls. 

Its variegated leaves of light green,white and pink offer a colorful plant for your pond.  Its also referred to as rainbow water parsley.  It is also a suitable plant for a container water garden.  During the heat of the summer the red color in the leaves will fade to a light pink color but return again in the fall.  Variegated Water Celery should be located in sun to part shade in moist soil or water to 2 inches deep.  Its height averages about 6 inches.  Hardy in zones 5-11.  This variety of water celery isn't as aggressive as its mother plant, water parsley (Oensnthe sarmentosa) which sometimes grows too quickly and can cover a small pond in a single summer.

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