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Some Helpful Advice On Planting Tropical Bog Plants In Your Water Garden Or Pond

Tropical Bog Plants - Marginal, Shallow Water Plants

Tropical bog plants grow in the shallow water or at the edge of a pond or stream. Marginal plants consist of varieties that stand above the water while their feet always remain wet. Tropical bog plant varieties, such as Water Poppy, White Snowflake, Yellow Snowflake, Mosaic Plant and Sensitive Plant trail along the surface of the water while their roots remain anchored in mud. Other tropical marginal plants such as Red Hibiscus, Water Cannas, Papyrus, Umbrella Palm, Blue Bells, Spider Lily, Bog Lily and Society Garlic stand above the water while their feet always remain wet. The tropical bog plants add a look of the tropics to your water feature. Many of the varieties listed above bloom constantly throughout the summer adding interest, height and dimension to your water garden. Plant in groups or alone in as large of a container as practical (wider is better than taller) and lower the planting to approximately one to two inches of water over the top of the pot.

For instructions on planting your bog plants visit our link Plant Care & Tips.  Some plants are prohibited in some states so make sure you know your state laws.