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Resting on the pond waterlily

Its such a great life for the frogs....sitting on the lily pads basking in the sun. Could life be any better????  These pictures were shared by one of our customers who received these tadpoles in the spring and now they are frogs enjoying the life in their new home.  Thank you again for sharing your pictures.

Just another benefit that a pond can provide for our enjoyment and relaxation.  Plants, boulders or fallen logs provide good sunny resting areas for frogs, dragonflies or turtles to take a breather. 

 Now that winter is approaching another good idea for those having frogs in their ponds is to provide a hiding place for the winter.  If you need you can create an area for them by placing a container in your pond filled with sand.  This will give the frogs a place to bury themselves for the winter.  Make sure its deep enough so that if your pond freezes over it will be beneath the ice.  Always leave an open space in your pond to provide oxygen for your friends.