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I'm not certain of the identity of this butterfly.  I thought perhaps it was a male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.    I'm really not certain, although it sure liked my dwarf crab-apple tree.  It came back day after day.....I'm thinking it was the same one.

I know we don't want to think about it but it won't be long and fall will be here and we all know what comes next.....its time for us to be thinking about taking the extra care with our pond plants to make them comfortable for the winter cold.  I've noticed the butterflies aren't as plentiful as they had been but occassionally I'm able to catch one.


Once your hardy marginal plants begin to brown, usually after the first hard frost, prune back excess foliage and discard any decaying material, so it does not compromise the water quality over the winter months.  Potted bog plants such as Pickeral, Thalia Dealbata, and Japanese Variegated Iris should be placed at a sufficient depth to avoid freezing the crown of the plant. Most of the other hardy bog plants can be left as they are and will return the following spring.



Tropical Bog Plants

Many of the tropical bog plants will winter well indoors in a sunny window or with a grow light. They do not need to be  submerged in water. Keep the soil constantly moist by placing the potted plants in a tray of water.