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Well I think Spring is just around the corner.  Usually once the Robins return to northern Ohio its almost here.  I saw them last week drinking water out of the waterfall......there was still alot of ice and snow on the pond.  I thought they were a little early and probably cold. 


Other signs of spring are are my Helleborus starting to peek out of the ground.   Its usually a good sign.  And then the daffodils...

Today it is about 50 degrees out.....the robins are now busy at work.  They wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get their picture, maybe next time.  Hopefully it won't be long now.  I'm getting stir crazy waiting on the warmer weather.  When I talked to some of my customers in the warmer areas of the country, I get excited.  They are already outside working on their ponds and deciding what pond plants they want this year. 

So since I can't go outside and start gardening, I decided to do some cooking instead.  I best do what cooking I can before the busy season is here.  Today it was cream puffs.....chocolate pudding filling.  It's almost as good as going outside and gardening.