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When you plant a hardy water lily you want to first place the tuber at a 45 degree angle with the non-growing end against the side of the pot.  Add aquatic fertilizer tablets right in front of the crown (growing end) of the tuber.  Hardy lilies are heavy feeders and should be fertilized about every 3-4 weeks during their growing season.  Be careful that the fertilizer is not touching the crown of the plant.  Add a layer of gravel over the soil, again being careful not to cover the crown of the lily.  It is better to plant lilies too high, than to plant them too deep.  We like to use gravel that is at least 1/2" in diameter.  The gravel keeps the fish from digging into the aquatic planting media (clay dirt).  If you use gravel this size it will prevent your fish from trying to eat it.  Hardy lilies should be placed on the bottom of your pond or on a shelf at 18" to 30" deep.

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