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A favorite floating pond plant for all pond owners.  Parrots Feather  has feathery bright green  foliage that floats out over the pond.  The leaves may be 3 inches or more in diameter and grows on long trailing stems.  It is hardy in Zones 6-11 and will grow in sun to part shade.    Parrots Feather will root and form more full plants by snipping them if they get too tall.   You can take the cuttings  and pot them until they  root, or stick the cuttings in between rocks at the waters edge, making sure the cut ends are submerged in water. The Parrots Feather will develop roots and anchor itself in the muck between the rocks.  I have parrots feather in my bog that  winters over year to year. And here in Ohio, we are known to have some pretty cold winters.

Sometimes you will see parrots feather listed as an oxygenating plant, but this variety is not commonly grown underwater. 

Parrots feather grows  in moist soil or up to 6 inches of water, but will float over any depth.  They do great in the top of a waterfall, a bog area, stream bed or in a container water garden.