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A mosaic plant is a very unique and unusually different marginal water plant that grows mostly as a submerged plant.  Its leaves grow from a central radius so that the foliage forms a mosaic like circle.  The leaves are green with red edges and stems.  The mosaic plant is a attractive plants that quickly provides water coverage in the warm and sunny to partly shady areas of your pond.  It prefers water that is not acidic or at least neutral and will die in pond water that is above a pH of 8.  It grows best in 12-18 inches of warm water.  Make sure your water temperatures are above 65 degrees as the mosaic plant prefers warm water. It is best to anchor the roots in dirt along your pond edge and let it grow out over your pond surface.

Its running spread can cover 24 inches and each rosette will spread to 4 inches.  During the summer small single yellow flowers will bloom.

The mosaic plant is hardy in zones 8-11 and to winter over in cooler climates needs to be brought indoors and kept in warm water of at least 65 degrees with ample light to stretch.

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