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Lotus Hardy Pond Plants

Adding Lotus To Your Water Garden Or Pond

Lotus (Nelumbo)

We have a GREAT SELECTION of Lotus this year - close to 50! Our largest selection yet.  Each lotus tuber has multiple growing tips.  Lotus are available April thru June.  Order early for best selection.  You can preorder and we will ship starting in April 2021 per USDA planting zones.

Lotuses are hardy perennials that are sure to be the star of any water garden. With their stately appearance, lush, somewhat tropical-appearing foliage, showy blossoms and exotic fragrance they definitely take center stage. Lotus is sacred in many cultures and has been cultivated for centuries. Lotus will flourish in full sunlight and are sure to delight the water garden enthusiast. Like all aquatic plants, there are many varieties to choose from. Lotus bloom July thru September and come in shades of pink, red, yellow and white. Lotuses are available in a wide range of sizes, which vary in height from 12 inches to 8 feet tall. It is important to choose a Lotus variety for the area you have available. Lotus can be shipped only as dormant tubers. Tubers are very fragile and care should be taken to avoid breaking off any growing tips. Lotus need full sun, at least 6 hours a day to flower. The larger the container a lotus is planted in the better it will grow. Follow the planting instructions carefully and you will be rewarded with a magnificent plant that will return each spring for you to enjoy in your water garden.

Lotus tubers are shipped only from March through June of each year.  They are very easy to grow providing you follow our planting instructions which are found under Plant Care & Tips. You can also find helpful information on growing and caring for lotus on our blog by searching for lotus.