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Well its 2011 and we're all getting excited about the New Year.  Making those new year resolutions and thinking about the changes we want to make this year.  I don't think I've ever kept most of the resolutions I have made over the years.  I do really good starting out but then by about March I forget most of them.

I always look forward to January as I start to think about my favorite time of the year.  I've been busy but mostly knitting those last minute gifts for Christmas for family and friends.  Its about time to put down the needles and start thinking about the pond plants for the upcoming year. 

Its been cold in Ohio but the past few days we've have temps in the 50s giving the ponds enough warmth to start melting the ice.  I noticed this morning a few fish at the surface.  They better get back to the bottom as the temps are going to start falling again later today.  

This was a picture I took at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens earlier this year.  A giant dragonfly....I never miss an opportunity to get another picture of a dragonfly or another dragonfly period. I received some gifts again this Christmas from family and friends to add to my collection of dragonflies.  I still prefer to be standing by my pond capturing the live dragonflies.