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Floating Pond Plant Information

Adding Floating Pond Plants To Your Bog, Water Garden Or Pond

Floating Pond Plants

Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Frog Bit, Parrot’s Feather and Azolla are all members of the floating plant family. Floating plants are very useful in keeping the pond water clean and clear. These are simply plants that free-float and do not need to be potted. You simple toss them into the water garden where they are extremely beneficial to the pond. They shade the surface and with their roots dangling in the water they pull nutrients from the water essentially starving the algae. They require water temperatures to be 65 degrees.  If you put them in too early in the spring, cooler air and cooler water temperatures can cause them to possibly die back.They tend to be quite prolific and provide hiding places for baby fish and other water garden inhabitants. As they tend to get out of control simply remove some and place in a compost pile or the trash. Many states have regulations on these types of plants, so be aware of your state laws. Responsible water gardening includes keeping these floaters contained in the water garden and disposing of them properly.

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