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Bog Bean is a great addition to your pond.  Its hardy in zones 2-7 which makes it a popular pond plant for pond owners.  The leaves are fairly large, three-lobed that are markedly veined.  Flower buds are pink clusters that open to a white, star-shaped bloom that is highly fragrant.  It will stand high above the leaves, some 2-6 inches taller, giving the height of the plant 6-9 inches tall and can grow out 5 feet over the water surface.  Whats nice about the bog plant is even when its not flowering, the leaves will remain green and attractive in your pond.  It will bloom late May through July. 

Plant it in full sun to part shade in 1-3 inches of water amd it will spread over the water surface.  It can freeze solid in the winter as long as you keep it in the water.  You would want to divide the plant by dividing the rootstock in the summer once it is done flowering.  Its a great plant to plant close to edges of your pond, against rocks or waterfall,  as it grows high enough to hid edges of your pond.

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