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The Bluebell is a favorite amoung most water gardeners.  It is a very easy water plant to grow and will bloom throughout the summer.  Attractive dark blue-purple flowers that are 1-2 inches on rich dark green foliage.  It grows in sun to part shade and moist soil or water up to 6 inches deep.  They will reach 2 to 4 feet high and about 12 inches wide and sometimes gets higher and wider in the southern states.

Bluebells can be potted, or the roots can be tucked into the rocks of a streambed or waterfall.  You can add this plant as an accent to the edge of your pond in front of sweetflag or hibiscus for an outstanding combination.

They are Hardy in zones 8 or higher but can be taken out of the pond and stored in moist peat over the winter in zones less than 8.  I have heard of them wintering over in zones 7 but it would depend of the type of winter.

This is another water plant that attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and birds.

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