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About Dragonfly Aquatics

We are located in Canton, Ohio, and ship water garden plants and pond supplies within the continental United States.  We strive for excellent customer service.  Our goal is to share as much information as we can to help serve our customers.  We take a lot of pride in our business and want our customers to be satisfied.  We will not sell you a plant that we wouldn't put in our ponds!  Only the best!   If you are not happy, we want to hear from you.

We decided this year to create a blog where we can share information with you and you can share information with others.  Post pictures, share ideas, ask questions and take advantage of specials we run.  Whatever you want to know about, let us know.  We'd like to feature a pond weekly, so submit your pictures and win something!  Whether it's a free plant, free shipping on your order or a gift certificate.....we're not sure yet.  Just post your pictures and we'll come up with something to make it worth your while.